We all have issues some of which we cannot share publicly as on our Facebook Walls for example. Yet we need help and we need to discuss these issues.

Feel free to post your worrying personal, marriage, relationship issues here – anonymously – and friends will come to your assistance with advice and counsel. Yes, that’s right – you do not have to divulge your identity.

Undesirable and unhelpful contributions will be moderated and in need deleted.

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I am a banker by profession. I am married with three adult children - all girls! The two older ones are now married. I became a Christian in my first year of University in the late seventies and have never looked back since. It has been a great adventure, I'd say. I am a senior elder in my local church responsible for the Bible teaching programs. I enjoy that. My wife and I are involved in a Marriage Ministry called HAPPY HOME PROMOTIONS which started way back in 1987. Through this, we have addressed scores of Marriage Seminars and counselled many, many couples - married and premarriage. The ministry seeks to fight divorce in all its forms. I still enjoy the ocassional game of soccer, albeit at a S-L-O-W pace now. I am a keen photographer, a fisherman, a carpenter as well as a beekeeper.

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