What is nagging?
A repeated request for something to be done which the other person ignores or trivialises. They get annoyed and you also get annoyed. And so the dance goes on. 93% of the time nagging is used to refer to boisterous, loud, demanding wives. But we also have men who nag. They make up the remaining 7%.

If it is not working, conventional wisdom says change the method or the approach or just drop it. Stop the nagging. Unless what you want done is critical and earth-shaking. It will get you nowhere apart from causing the other person, usually your spouse, to despise you.

  • Nagging introduces tension.
  • Nagging poisons the atmosphere.
  • Nagging stifles conversation.
  • Nagging suffocates friendship.
  • Nagging wastes energy and sucks the fun out of marriage.
  • Nagging is a spoiler!!

According to various versions of the Bible, nagging is described as being bitter-tongued, being a brawler, quarrelsome, contentious, argumentative, indulging in bickering!

Proverbs 21:9 ESV
It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.

Do you wish to have any of those adjectives applied to you?

Why not make your request once or twice and trust the other person to be caring enough to work on it?

And if you are the object of the ceaseless nagging and you are not even moving an inch to act on the request then it appears you are obviously enjoying the attention. To stop the nagging get off your back side and act. If you love your spouse and if the request is within your capacity to execute, then go ahead and do it. JUST DO IT!! End of nagging!

What is even better is to act out of love – you do what needs to be done because you love your spouse.

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I am a banker by profession. I am married with three adult children - all girls! The two older ones are now married. I became a Christian in my first year of University in the late seventies and have never looked back since. It has been a great adventure, I'd say. I am a senior elder in my local church responsible for the Bible teaching programs. I enjoy that. My wife and I are involved in a Marriage Ministry called HAPPY HOME PROMOTIONS which started way back in 1987. Through this, we have addressed scores of Marriage Seminars and counselled many, many couples - married and premarriage. The ministry seeks to fight divorce in all its forms. I still enjoy the ocassional game of soccer, albeit at a S-L-O-W pace now. I am a keen photographer, a fisherman, a carpenter as well as a beekeeper.

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